Agreement Building Platform

Our Mission

To Build Infrastructure for Better Decentralized Governance

To Promote Public Participation in Decision Making Processes

To Create a New Online Discussion Culture

To Empower Communities Management

Consenz For Organizations

Involving the public in the decision making process is always a great challenge. Consenz offers municipalities, NGOs, political parties and other organizations a tool for public participation in policy shaping by addressing large crowds, get their advice, and listen to their ideas without being overwhelmed with noise. It does this by focusing the discussion on one document that has been edited by all users, in a democratic manner.

Consenz For DAOs

Decentralized decision making requires wide and open discussions that engage community members. However the platforms that are used by DAOs members are not suitable for this purpose. Consenz is a a decision-making tool that provides a way to create community-driven agreements by integrating continuous voting with discussion features.


Online discussion as we know it is chaotic, unproductive, noisy and encourages controversy


In Consenz, Instead of an endless and chaotic thread of comments there is a focus and a product to the process.

The Consenz process is structured, productive, provides good signal-to-noise ratio and focuses on agreement


Our Team

Aharon Porath

Founder and Project Manager

Chana Meyer

Software Developer

Roy Golan

Project Manager

Noa Finkelstein

Project Manager

Aviran Katz

Software Developer

Tzur Shertzer

Product Designer

Nadav Moreno

Software Developer

Yishay Nachliel

Software Developer

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