Consenz for DAOs

Decentralized decision making requires wide and open discussions that engage community members. However the platforms that are used by DAOs members are not suitable for this purpose. Consenz is a a decision-making tool that provides a way to create community-driven agreements by integrating continuous voting with discussion features.

In decentralized organizations, the governance is being made by voting on proposals on-chain. The focus on proposals leaves outside wider policy challenges that are relevant to the community, such as process guidelines, community code of conduct, monetary policy etc. Discussions are usually disconnected from the voting process and spread around on different platforms:, twitter, google-docs, telegram, discord, reddit, github and others.


This situation makes the decision-making process ineffective and creates a risk of getting decisions that are not in the best interest of the community and its members. Also, it may discourage many members from taking an active part in the process.


Our Solution:


Consenz is a platform that was created to address those problems and offer a proven solution.


The following discussion-features make Consenz unique, compared to other platforms:


  • Instead of an endless and chaotic thread of comments, there is a focus and a product to the process: A document that can be discussed and edited by the participants and reflect their agreements.
  • There is a clear structure to the content: comments are attributed to a specific section and function as arguments for or against it; sections are attributed to a specific topic; topics are attributed to the document.
  • There is a voting system that allows the users to express their opinion without adding noise to the discussion.
  • The voting system also creates a method to deal with conflicts and determine which opinion has the majority of participants’ agreements.
  • Those agreements are separated from the noise by a simple algorithm that determines which section received enough support and can be added to the document automatically.


The process on consenz creates a “micro-democracy” system – an option to discuss the details of a proposal by all members of the DAOs community without limiting it to a small group of representatives. Consenz combines elements of – and is inspired by – liquid democracy, direct democracy, deliberative democracy and sociocrac.


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